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2007 Events (in reverse chronological order)
Speaker: Mr. Eric Dickson
Water & Sanitation Specialist, World Bank
Nov 4, 2007

Date: November 4, 2007 [Video Recording]

Topic of the Talk: “When the Poor Have a Voice – Resettling Slum Dwellers in Mumbai”

In this talk, Eric discussed the various components of resettlement of 60,000 slum dwellers along the railway tracks, and contrasted the harsh realities of forced evictions with an innovative participatory approach adopted in Mumbai, India ...

Concluding event of 2007

Video Recording of the event, and read the speaker's bio-data and synopsis of the talk

Paper 'Community Participation in Resettlement
- An Alternative to Forced Eviction (PDF file-2.15MB)

Slide show presentation (PDF file-3.9MB)

Mr. Sanjeev Chowdhury
Former Vice-Consul for Canada in Mumbai

September 9, 2007

Date: September 9, 2007 [Video Recording]

Topic: "An inside look at Bollywood — India's film industry" — For three years, from 1997-2000, Sanjeev Chowdhury served as Canada's Vice-Consul and Assistant Trade Commissioner and Cultural Attache at The Canadian Consulate in Mumbai, India.

Through this role, he met most of Bollywood's movers and shakers. He will tell some stories about his friendships with Bollywood luminaries such as ... read the synopsis of the talk, and also see speaker's profile.

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Panel Discussion on
"Challenges women face in a globalizing world
with a focus on India"

July 29, 2007

Date: Sunday, July 29, 2007 (Video Recordings)


Ms. Amina Mire
Professor of Sociology
Dr. Vanaja Dhruvarajan
Professor of Sociology &
Women's Studies
Dr. Radhika Sekar
Professor of Anthropology

Topic of the Panel Discussion: "Challenges women face in a globalizing world with a focus on India"The panelists each gave a 15-minute talk on their perspective on the issue, after which the audience engaged the panelists in a lively discussion with comments and questions.

Synopsis: As 21st century unfolds, a new world order is shaping the destiny of people around the world. Religious fundamentalism and rampant consumerism are becoming the order of the day as economic globalization dominates all aspects of life on the planet.

Women are not a homogeneous group. While some women have benefitted because of these changes, most women who are marginalised on the basis of factors such as class, caste, race, along with gender are bearing the brunt of these changes and the challenges they face are indeed formidable.

In this panel discussion, the focus was on women in India. The three panelists drawing upon their research and personal experience discussed different aspects of the challenges faced by various segments of the female population.

See panelists' profile and synopsis of the talk
(Video Recordings)

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Dr. Jagmohan Humar
Distinguished Research Professor Emeritus, Carleton University
June 3, 2007

Date: June 3, 2007 [Video Recording]

Topic: "From Himalay to Bhuj: The forces that shape and shake the earth." Dr. Humar gave a simple explanation of how "Earthquakes" happen, and addressed questions such as: Can we predict an earthquake? What is cause of the loss of life and property during an earthquake? What can we do to minimize this loss, and others in the framework of the Bhuj (India) earthquake of 26 January, 2001 and illustrated by pictures.

See speaker's profile and synopsis of the talk.

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Dr. Anne-Marie Gaston (Anjali), Ph. D.
April 1, 2007

Date: April 1, 2007 [Video Recording of the event — including 'The Dancing Shiva' movie]

Speaker: Dr. Anne-Marie Gaston (Anjali), Ph. D. from Oxford University in Indian Art and Culture; elected Fellow of the Royal Asiatic Society, London. She is an internationally acclaimed Classical East Indian dancer. She is also a choreographer, teacher, lecturer, ethnographer and photographer.

TOPIC: "Dance Sculpture and Miniature Paintings"

See speaker's profile and synopsis of the talk.
(Anjali's web site:

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