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2008 Events (in reverse chronological order)
Speaker: Dr. David M. Malone
President, International Development Research Centre (IDRC),
and Canada's High Commissioner to India
"India and Canada: A study in Contrasts?"
Date: Sunday, Nov 2, 2008

Dr. David M. Malone, President, International Development Research Centre, and Canada’s High Commissioner to India and non-resident Ambassador to Bhutan and Nepal, spoke on "India and Canada: A study in Contrasts?"

Mr. Malone gave his insightful reflections on Canada's and India's early connections, the development of relations between the two countries since 1947, the economic ties between India and Canada (and challenges relating thereto) and some possible vectors for enhancement of the relationship. Dr. Malone also looked into the future of India as it is unfolding, and the potential relationship between India and Canada. about Mr. Malone.

Video-recording is not available

Speaker: Padma Shri Dr. Joseph Hulse
A Scientist and Recipient of Padma Shri award in India
Topic: "Alleviation of rural child malnutrition in South India "
Date: Sunday, September 21, 2008

Dr. Joseph Hulse, a recipient of the Padma Shri award spoke on "Alleviation of rural child malnutrition in South India." (Synopsis of the talk).

In his own words, Dr. Hulse described his "45 years of love affair with India." He delivered a fascinating story of his 59 trips to India in 45 years...Read an article

Mr. Roman Mukerjee & Dr. Rajkumari Shankar
Panelists for a discussion on

"Inter-cultural Marriage: Challenges and Solution"
Date of the event: Sunday, July 27, 2008

Mr. Roman Mukerjee
Profile & Synopsis | Speech Transcript

Dr. Rajkumari Shankar
Profile & Synopsis

It is in the full spirit of intercultural, inter-racial and interfaith understanding that Roman presented his life experience as he evolved in his diverse origins path. From his birth in Zlin, Czezh Republic to his father of Indian (Bengali) and Hindu origins and to mother, a Slovak of Christian faith. He had mixed blood right from the start.

In this discussion, Roman shared how upon India's independence, his family returned to India where he had his formative youth years and the struggle to define full identity in his "mix." This he exposed. As he peaked in his teens, he left India to study in Montreal, Canada where he seriously reflected upon and addressed his intercultural, inter-racial and interfaith identity which he shared in this talk... Read full speech

Dr. Shanker presented "A View from Within." In her presentation, she looked at "Intercultural Marriages: Challenges and Opportunities" from a 32 year personal journey of being married to an Argentine. She reflected on her understanding (and that of others) of "culture"; how their experience has enriched their relationship and better anchor them in their respective faiths. She also shedded light on the trials and tribulations of being married, bringing up their two sons, and living in a country neither of them were born in. Finally, she shared her thoughts on how her experience has enhanced her world-view; and reflected on the dialectics of identity and otherness, of "self' and the other" in the globalized world: what she is, at one and the same time, the same and different.

Panel moderator: Dr. Sundar Arora

Dr. Arora is a psychiatrist in adult and child practice for the last 30 years. He has had considerable experience in working with multicultural couples and families. Dr. Arora is a Faculty staff at university of Ottawa, an Interfaith minister and yoga teacher from Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Centre. He is married to a physician. Dr. Arora facilitated the panel discussion and engaged the panelists and audience in a meaningful dialogue.

Prof. Peter Pandimakil
Associate professor of Mission Studies & Interreligious Dialogue
Topic: The Life & Work of Pannikar
Date of the event: Sunday, June 8, 2008

Topic of the Talk: "The Life & Work of Pannikar, an ambassador of culture and civilization of India."

Prof. Peter Pandimakil (profile), Associate professor of Mission Studies and Interreligious Dialogue at St. Paul University in Ottawa — spoke on the life and work of Raimon Pannikar on multi-faith dialogue." Dr. Radhika Sekar introduced the speaker and coordinated Q&A.

[First few minutes of the video recording was missed]

His Excellency Mr. R. L. Narayan
High Commissioner of India
Topic: India: The Largest Democracy in the World
Sunday, March 30, 2008

Topic of the Talk: "India: The largest democracy in the world -- India's challenges and promise."

Mr. Narayan (profile & synopsis) spoke about the promise and potential of India on world stage, and how India is flourishing despite being the largest democracy in the world and fraught with many challenges. He reflected on the economic and social progresses India has made so far, and mused on India's plans and aspirations going forward.

(First, Introduction by Mr. Brian Dickson)