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2009 Events (in reverse chronological order)

Date of the event: November 8, 2009
Dr. Hemant Gupta & Dr. Sundar Arora
Panel discussion on "Integrative Medicine"
(with focus on Ayurvedic medicine, Mind and Body connection and Natural Medicine)

Moderator: Dr. Indu Gambhir
Dr.Hemant Gupta,
D.N.M, MD (Ayurveda)
Director, Consulting Ayurveda Physician & Teacher

25 years of teaching, clinical and research experience in India, Europe, North America. He was director for Ayurveda programmes at `The Raj' (premier Ayurveda and Panchakarma center) in Fairfield, Iowa and M.A.H.C. in Lancaster, Massachusetts, U.S.A.

Dr Gupta has developed curriculum for, and taught, undergraduate and Ph.D. degree programs of Ayurveda at the College of Maharishi Vedic Medicine at University in Fairfield, Iowa.

Dr. Gupta has taught courses through Memorial University of Newfoundland, and Ayurveda Academy of Canada in Toronto.

Dr. Sundar Arora,
Psychiatrist, Interfaith minister and Yoga teacher

Dr. Arora is a psychiatrist in adult and child practice for the last 30 years. He has had considerable experience in working with multicultural couples and families.

Dr. Arora is a Faculty staff at university of Ottawa, an Interfaith minister and yoga teacher from Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Centre. He is married to a physician.

Dr. Arora will present his viewpoint on Mind and Body connection.

Date of the event: September 13, 2009
Dr. Indu Gambhir & Ms Barbara Sibbald
Topic: "Médecins Sans Frontières"
(MSF - Doctors Without Borders)
Dr. Indu Gambhir, Medical Doctor
Ms Barbara Sibbald, Journalist

India and how the two meet

The forgotten people of Manipur

MSF has been present in India for some time and has established missions in Kashmir, Assam, Bihar, Manipur, Bombay and Chatisgarh. MSF has been greatly assisted in its work by Indian generic drug manufacturers who have provided prescription drugs at low cost. This has enabled MSF to provide better care to the sick, not only in India but in other developing countries.

Indu’s experience working in Manipur provided her with insight to the medical needs of vulnerable populations and how conflict affects their health and well being. She will share these experiences with us.

In November 2007 I spent a week at a Médecins sans frontières/Doctors without Borders health project in Manipur, India researching an article on the humanitarian crisis, and in particular it's medical implications in that beleaguered, seemingly forgotten state.

Government funding destined for health care is "diverted" by corrupt politicians and bureaucrats, with the result that even the most basic health care is largely unavailable to the vast majority of the people. Sadly, their need is great for a variety of reasons.

About Dr. Indu Gambhir About Ms. Barbara Sibbard
Neel Chadha, Nootan Kumar & Roshan Abraham
University of Ottawa students
doing philanthropic work in villages in India
Date of the Event: July 26, 2009
Topic: "Making a difference for villages in India"
Story of
S. A. V. E. (Students Aiding Village Empowerment) program
Neel Chadha
Nootan Kumar
Roshan Abraham
Neel Chadha is student at the University of Ottawa, entering his fourth year of Health Sciences. He is the founder of Students Aiding Village Empowerment, an organization dedicated to helping villages achieve sustainable development in India.
Nootan is a Masters student in her first year in the School of Int'l Development and Globalization at the University of Ottawa. In S.A.V.E. Nootan has found a dynamic group of like-minded students and an exciting commitment that allows her the opportunity to apply her diverse set of experiences and interests to the benefit not just of people in need, but of her ancestral land, India. Roshan Abraham is a fourth year under- graduate student in BioPharmaceutical Sciences at the University of Ottawa. Having visited and volunteered in parts of India, Roshan has found his niche with S.A.V.E., an organization dedicated to sustainable development in villages all across India.

Students Aiding Village Empowerment (S.A.V.E.) is an organization run by students at the University of Ottawa dedicated to empowering disadvantaged villages through sustainable development programs. S.A.V.E. aims to improve healthcare, education and sanitation within chosen villages. S.A.V.E. is currently working on a development project in the village of Mohanpura, which is located in Rajasthan, India. S.A.V.E. is motivated by a belief that all people regardless of age, ethnicity, or socioeconomic status are capable of making a difference in the world.

Speaker: Mr. Moyez Vassanji
An award winning author & recipient of Order of Canada
Date: June 14, 2009
Topic: "A Place Within: Rediscovering India"
(based on his recently published book)

Mr. Moyez Vassanji, [Profile & synosis of the talk], an award winning author and recipient of Giller Prize (twice), Harbourfront Festival Prize, Commonwealth First Book Prize (Africa), Bressani Prize and Order of Canada, will talk about his visit to India, the homeland of his ancestors, in this powerfully moving tale of family and country.

"Part travelogue, part history, A Place Within is M.G. Vassanji’s intelligent and beautifully written journey to explore where he belongs.”

In his words, “it would take many lifetimes, it was said to me during my first visit, to see all of India. The desperation must have shown on my face to absorb and digest all I possibly could. This was not something I had articulated or resolved; and yet I recall an anxiety as I travelled the length and breadth of the country, senses raw to every new experience, that even in the distraction of a blink I might miss something profoundly significant.

I was not born in India, nor were my parents; that might explain much in my expectation of that visit. Yet how many people go to the homeland of their grandparents with such a heartload of expectation and momentousness; such a desire to find themselves in everything they see? Is it only India that clings thus, to those who’ve forsaken it; is this why Indians in a foreign land seem always so desperate to seek each other out? What was India to me?"

Speech was not video-recorded

Speaker: His Excellency S. M. Gavai
High Commissioner of India in Canada

Topic: The Evolution of India – Myths and Realities
Date: Sunday, April 26, 2009

Mr. Shashishekhar M. Gavai, High Commissioner for India to Canada [Profile & synosis of the talk].

Mr. Gavai has served in India’s Diplomatic Missions in Yugoslavia, Hungary, Zimbabwe, Indonesia, Germany, Scotland (as Consul General), Maldives (as High Commissioner), and in Houston, USA (as Consul General). He joined as India’s High Commissioner to Canada in November 2008.

Mr. Gavai is married to Rina and they have two sons.

Mr. Gavai speaking on "The Evolution of India: Myths & Realities"

For other video recordings of this event (speaker Introduction & Q&As), click here