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2019 Events (in reverse chronological order)
Sunday, May 26th, 2019 (2:45 - 5:00 PM)
at Rockcliffe Park Community Centre Hall, Ottawa
How is Indian Tradition Surviving in the 21st Century>
by Anjali Patil

Event Poster

Synopsis: India is an epitome of tradition. Diversity, multiculturalism, the political lansdcape, prosperity, social media, and the use of different technologies have modernized India. Yet surprisingly, Indians have been able to hold on to traditions passed down through generations. India is a melange of parallel opposites where extreme wealth exisits with extreme poverty, modern architecture sits alongside dilapidated ruins, twerking is incorporated into Indian dance and off-the-shoulder Versace gowns are replacing the classic sari. This discussion will focus on survival of tradition, changing perspectives and creating economies.

About the Speaker: Canadian-born dancer and choreographer Anjali Patil has been trained in India under reknowned masters of classical Indian dance Kathak. She is founder and artistics director of Aroha Fine Arts, one of only a handful of organizations working in the professional Kathak dance milieu.

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