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We Invite You to
Become a Member of ICFC
and give us your committed support.

Your committed support as a Member of ICFC will help us plan our events with the confidence that we have your assured backing in all our events.

What's a Member? An organization, a family, or an individual, who is willing to support ICFC by paying a membership fee, which will entitle the member to attend all the five events in one year without paying hospitality charge.

Why become a Member? People are our strength. Your committed membership will strengthen our resolve to fulfill ICFC's mission. We can reach wider range of audiences and speakers and plan diverse events — lectures, discussions and conferences.

Benefit of becoming a Member:

  • Attend all tea events (currently 5 a year) without a charge;

  • Receive priority notification of all events.

Donation: to cover your hospitality cost for one year for all our tea events, and to support other initiatives:

  • Organization: Donation of $450 or more per year — up to 10 persons may attend all tea events without paying hospitality charge;
  • Family (2 persons): Donation of $90 per year;
  • Individuals: Donation of $45 per year.

Additional donations are welcome; funds will help ICFC become creative in launching other activities useful to our community.

Steps to become a Member: Please pay in cash at an event, or by cheque payable to India Canada Friendship Circle.

You may fill up the following form:

Today's Date
Type of Membership

($45 for one year)
($90 for one year for 2 persons)
($450 per year)

Your Name
Telephone No
Email address

Please indicate below how you will be remitting your donation:

If remitting a cheque, mail the cheque to:

Dr. Steven Desjardins, Treasurer
India Canada Friendship Circle
20 Bittern Court
Ottawa, ON
K1L 8J8