Speaker: Dr. Bryan Gillingham
Date of the Event: Sunday, August 20, 2006

About the Speaker: Dr. Bryan Gillingham is the Director of the School for Studies in Art & Culture, Carleton University, Ottawa, Canada— See his profile below.

Spoke on: May 15, 2005.

Topic: "The Roots & Traditions in Musics of Western Europe and India"

Personal Profile of Dr. Bryan Gillingham

Before coming to the Music program in 1976, Dr. Gillingham held posts at universities in Newfoundland, New Brunswick and Alberta. He has been very active as a scholar, editor, publisher, and director of various departmental performance groups (early music and choir).

His books include monographs on various aspects of twelfth- and thirteenth-century music (i.e. Modal Rythm, Medieval Polyphonic sequences, St. Martial Mehrstimmigkeit, a trilogy of books on secular Medieval Latin Song) facsimile editions, and articles appearing in various British, American and Canadian journals.

For some years, Dr. Gillingham was co-editor of Dovehouse Editions, an enterprise which produced some 55 editions of Renaissance and Baroque chamber music.

For the last twenty years, Dr. Gillingham has served as director and general editor for the Institute of Mediaeval Music. This publishing house has produced about 120 books during his editorship.

His numerous travel and research grants have enabled him to study in many European libraries. He has also presented papers at conferences in Europe, the United States and Canada, and served in various capacities for the Canadian Federation of Humanities, the World University Service, and the Association of Universities and Colleages of Canada.

Currently, Dr. Gillingham is Director for the School of Studies in Art and Cultute. He teaches courses in medieval music, renaissance music, early opera and music theory.

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