Speaker: Mr. Rameswar Mukerjee
Date of the Event: Sunday, April 23, 2006

About the Speaker: Mr. Rameswar Mukerjee was in the Azad Hind movement of Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose in Europe over the critical World War II period. He will share how active he was with the Berlin based independence network in the company of Netaji and his sound leadership. This was quite a unique and a living experience that he carries in memory till this day — See his profile below.

On the 23d of April, 2006, Mr. Mukerjee spoke [recorded video]at the ICFC on "The Living Spirit Of Neta Ji, Subhash Chandra Bose: A Personal Experience in the Azad Hind in Europe." Mr. Rameswar Mukerjee, 95, was assisted by his son, Roman Mukerjee in sharing his background and experiences with Netaji Subhash Bose during India's Freedom struggle in the first part of 1940s.

First, Roman read out a brief note on behalf of his father about Mr. Rameswar Mukerjee's association with Netaji and his active involvement in the Indian Natal Army.

The reading of the message was followed by an active question and answer session directly with Mr. Rameswar Mukerjee. People asked varied questions; Mr. Rameswar Mukerjee provided brief and candid answers. Roman supplemented the answers wherever necessary.

This event was further enriched by senior members of the audience sharing their own perspectives of India's Freedom struggle.

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Main Event — Mr. Rameswar Mukerjee's Presentation + Q & A
Right: Mr. Rameswar Mukerjee (speaker) — Left: Mr. Roman Mukerjee (speaker's son)
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Meeting Kickoff & Introductions
Thanks & Conclusion
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ICFC DISCLAIMER: The content and views expressed in this presentation are entirely those of the speakers and individual members of the audience. ICFC has no responsibility for any comments and interpretations.

Personal Profile of Mr. Rameswar Mukerjee

Mr. Rameswar Mukerjee was born in the Hooghly district off Kolkatta in the early 1910s. He received a basic and a modest education that led him to seek "unconventional" Brakmin paths such as sales. He came across Netaji and the Congress party network in his teens and he acted devotedly in the district, a key Congerss centre.

Coincidentally, he came across the Bata Shoe recruiting team that was looking for young candidates to receive training in the current Czech Republic where Batas was headquartered. He left India as a selected trainee in his very young years where over the years he met a Slovak, Ms Marie Jakubkova that led to an unconventional marriage cross race and religious lines.

It is during his second world war years that Mr. Mukerjee met Netaji Subhash Bose in Italy, who personally recruited his "Bengali" to join the Indian National Army in Berlin, Germany.

Mr Mukerjee spent over four years in the government in exile performing vatried daily independence struggle functions overseas. In the frame of the enemy and the allied powers, he spent times in jail, depending on which side he found himself. With Netaji's mysterious disappearance, he returned to India with his Slovak wife and his only son, Roman to eventually hail India's independence.

He went on to work with Bata's India to rise to Chief of sales in varied districts. Family life was profoundly intercultural and inter-religious where Czech, Bengali and Hindi were fluently spoken and where both Christian and Hindu faiths practised. Down to the food habits, Europe and Asia were together in this unique Mukerjee family. This followed a similar path of Netaji and his Austrian life partner.

Over the past five years, Mr Rameswar Mukerjee has left the Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose airport, Kolkatta to join his son and family in Ottawa Canada.

It is interesting to note that the India Canada Association gave him a public recognition with a Special Volunteer Services Award, a year after his arrival in Canada.

In addition, the two recent High Commisioners have come to personally pay respect to him in the home. He is a true Indian in Canada, Jai Hind. O Canada.

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