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Aug 10, 2005

My dear Malti,

Thank you very much indeed for inviting us to the meeting at the Indo-Canadian Friendship Circle last Sunday. It was really well organized and you had a full house. We really enjoyed meeting such a wide spectrum of people interested in India and Indo-Canadian relations.

We both wish you continuing success in this venture. With best wishes,


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INDIA CANADA FRIENDSHIP CIRCLE celebrates at Rockcliffe Park Community Center

A beautiful Sunday, summer afternoon was a perfect foil for the first anniversary of the lecture series offered by India Canada Friendship Circle (ICFC). On Aug. 7th, ICFC celebrated its first year with a poignant delivery of INDIA IN THE NEW MILLENIUM by Her Excellency Shyamala Cowsik, India's High Commissioner to Canada.

Her Excellency engaged the attendees with awe-inspiring facts and figures. Mrs. Cowsik passionately explained how India in the new millenium is an exciting, confident country:

  • While India and China as quoted by the economic gurus to be major economic and technological trendsetters, India is looked upon as the one with the edge due its "well entrenched" democratic institutions.

  • India exudes openness to the world both economically and culturally. This cannot be more evident than in Her willingness to set aside the historic and painful rivalry with Pakistan.

  • India's industry in biotech, manufacturing, agriculture, and pharmaceutical have aided to put Her economical growth at 7 per cent as compared to 2 to 4 per cent in most developed Western countries.

Mrs. Cowsik's infectious optimism and her confidence in India were met with an enthralling question period that ensued even after Mrs. Cowsik sat down to have her tea.

The savory Indian snacks and a celebratory cake were a perfect cap for an enjoyable afternoon.

ICFC is a non-profit organization with its board members: Mrs. Malti Kesarwani, Mrs. Patricia Chuba, Mrs. Raj Dilawri and Mrs. Manju Anand.

Next lecture scheduled on Sunday, Oct.2, 3-5 p.m. at Rockcliffe Park Community Hall by Dr. Harsh Dehejia. Topic: Understanding Romantic Krishna through Sensous Images and Sacred Words: An Illustrated Talk.

For information and registration, please call, 747-0301 or 270-9038.

Tazim Lal

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